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Tribes are the primary way we connect with others and live our lives on mission. These smaller groups of students (20-30) provide an opportunity to know other students and be known by them. Through these relationships, we challenge and encourage each other to truly believe our Identity in Christ and live life in rhythms that show the world who God truly is. Each Tribe has figured out their unique mission within the student community and meets regularly to eat, learn, pray and be a family. Currently our High School students meet in one Tribe (HS Tribe), and our Middle School students (5th - 8th grade) meet in another (MS Tribe).


MS Tribe is a place for 5th - 8th graders to live, learn, and serve together. This is where students will get their first taste of leading and taking ownership of their faith and their Tribe through living in a rhythm of UP, IN, and OUT.


Being a teen is a hard time in life. All kinds of questions and expectations are starting to be asked of you which leads to a lot of confusion and curiosities. HS Tribe is where we continue to live in our UP, IN and OUT rhythm (click here to learn more about that) while asking and talking about the harder questions of life.