One of these forms needs completing after every single Tribe you run.  This is anything we do with your Tribe --- activities, DNA Groups, or even a camp/retreat.

The form is really important for 2 big reasons.  First of all, for best practice it's good to reflect on what we're doing and how it went to help us develop a quality student community.  We want to do things well.  Secondly, it's massively important for safeguarding and accountability.  It enables us to see what's been happening and gives the ability to record any incidents that happen at our events, which means we have a good professional list of event evaluations that we can reference to if needed.

This form is really important, it's not negotiable. Some weeks it might be really quick, others it might take a bit of time.  But please, for your own best practice and protection, fill this form out after each event!