Gathering together. Celebrating what God has done in our lives. Hearing some Good News for a change.

Some call it church. We call it The Gathering. Come find out what its like to stay awake during church.


MS @ 9:30AM | HS @ 11AM

Feb 2 - Feb 16

In this 3-week series, we will be giving students a better lens for evaluating their current and future dating relationships as we help them see that the secret to a relationship that's "meant to be" is to stay close to Jesus, date with purpose, and know who you're looking for.


MS @ 9:30AM | HS @ 11AM

The Gathering: On Sunday mornings our student community gathers to celebrate.  All of our Tribes join to share stories of what God is doing among us. Middle School @ 9:30AM & High School @ 11:00AM. We typically have tons of games to get everyone warmed up and awake, then we break into our small groups (DNA groups) and share what happened in our week with each other (the whole time on a treasure hunt looking for how God met us in our every day lives), then we enter a time of worship (normally signing), during worship we have a moment of reflection and offer communion to anyone who wants to eat with us, we end with an interactive and energetic message  about seeing God in the every day life of a teenager.


You are welcomed to sit in the Diner and watch or jump in with us.

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