Imagine learning to live like Jesus from someone trying to live like Him as well. Imagine finding love and hope and healing in a relationship that you've always longed to have. Would that change your life? Would that change everything?

Huddles are groups of 4-6 people committed to following Jesus and discovering love, hope and healing.

Huddles train people to become disciple-makers. It immerses participants in the core characteristics and competencies of Jesus— so that after a year, those participants are ready to lead others through the same process. Huddles exist to help people discover love, hope, and healing through a genuine connection with others. 

Huddle Leaders give participants in-depth access to their lives, lead by story and example, and hold their group accountable to following through on Jesus’ movement in their lives. (No leader is perfect, and personalities run the gamut, but this is reality: We’re all designed to share the love of Jesus. And He will lead us as leaders.)

Mentor Led

Weekly for the school year

Jesus Deep

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Huddles are a great opportunity for your kids to take one of the deepest steps they could take following Jesus. Whether you choose to lead your kids in your own personal huddle or you ask a seasoned Jesus follower from our student community to lead them, this is a chance for your kids to become disciples in a way we believe Jesus made His very own disciples.