Week 4

Week 4

Doubt It

Godly people can help us with our questions.

Questions for Thought

This week, I want you to pray through these questions and put people in each category for yourself, if you aren't sure, I would love to talk to you about that :)

1.) CHEERLEADER: Who do you go to when you need a dose of encouragement and positivity?
Who can you always trust to give you a pep talk?
2.) COUNSELOR: Who always gives you great advice? When you’re in a dilemma, have questions,
or don’t know how to move forward, who do you trust to help you take a next step?
3.) COACH: Who can always motivate you to keep making progress on your goals?
4.) MENTOR: Who is an older person who has an ongoing relationship with you, who makes
you better, and who you trust enough to share details of your life?
5.) PASTOR: Maybe this person has the official title of "pastor," or maybe they don't — but who
is guiding and advising you in your faith, and helping you develop a deeper relationship
with God?
6.) CONFIDANTE: Who would you trust with your deepest secrets? This should be someone
who is safe, trusted, and wise.
7.) PRAYER SUPPORT: This could be one person or a group of people who you can always
trust to pray for you.