The adventure of being a teenager will shape the future!

Our Leader: Nate Lemke

As a native of Columbus, OH and graduate of THE Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!), Nate first moved to the Dayton area in 2017  but just recently joined BCC in September 2019. When Nate and Kelcy aren't hanging out around the church or with students, they can be found out hiking or mountain biking or in watching the latest Netflix series or playing board games of all kinds (with an always-open invitation to join in!) If you ever need to reach Nate feel free to text or call (he prefers texts) at 740-973-2591 or email 


Paradigm: Students have inherited a world full of wonder and beauty. They have found, in their short lives, that the beautiful world is incomplete and broken in many places. Our goal is to help them see that Jesus is already helping people all around them and is asking them to join him as he brings peace to the broken parts of our world.


Posture: The way we approach people matters. If we are arrogant, claiming to have all the answers we add to the white noise in the world.  We ask our students to learn how to imitate Jesus, to ask "How can I help" and listen to people's stories with love.   


Practices: To help students listen in love and shift their paradigm to Jesus we organize our selves in 3 simple practices: we look UP to God finding where he’s at work, grow IN community with people, no matter their relationship with Jesus, and go OUT into everyday life seeking to be the good news for anyone around us.