We got you...

Helping teenagers find the love, hope, and healing of  Jesus in a genuine community that lives life in a rhythm of UP, IN, & OUT.


The Gathering

11:00 AM Service


Being the parent of a teenager can be tough

On Sunday Mornings we gather

to share stories and celebrate what God is doing among us. We express ourselves with songs, games, &  communion. Its church made for teenagers. Hide at our Diner or jump right in its your choice.

Tribes are the places we start becoming the Good News 

 that our friends and families need. These age specific groups meet regularly to live in a regular rhythm of UP | IN | OUT. Come check one out.  

The struggle is real. One day they are your cuddly lovable angel and the next you begin to believe aliens are real and they left one in your house. Good News! You are not alone. How can we help?


The Big 3 Announcements for the week